Sunday 24 July 2016

Guess Who?

Hi there.  Well, I expect by now a lot of you will have realised that the delightful Darnell is in the country and visiting lots of places and lots of blogging friends, and I was so pleased to be one of them.  My DH and I picked her up from Salisbury last Thursday and went with her on a visit to Stonehenge, which we had visited, but many many years ago.

The weather was kind to us and we had a nice couple of hours there before getting back in the car and continuing the drive to Taunton, where she was staying for the night.  We did show her a little of the Somerset countryside on the way, also a thatched cottage, there are obviously quite a lot down here but this one was right by the side of the road and therefore easily accessible for a photo, and also one or two old churches, and I think she was a little perturbed by the size of the lorries we encountered on some of the smaller roads which she felt were a little close for

After a short time to freshen up we met up with the two other ladies Hazel and Linda and their other halves for a meal nearby and thank you to all for a wonderful evening.  The gentlemen were very patient when we four started talking about cards and the other ladies she has seen and is due to see in the time she is here.  I'm sure they think it is some whole new and strange world we bloggers belong, but they did their best to look interested.


                 From left to right: Hazel's DH, my DH, Darnell, Linda, Linda's DH, me and Hazel.

The next morning we met up with Darnell at the hotel and took her to another meet up a little closer to Bristol going via Taunton station to pick up Kath who came with us to the lunch where we also met Anne who was a good friend of Karen - Serendipity Dragonfly, who sadly passed away earlier in the year.  Karen's husband Tony also joined us and it was great to meet him, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch.  The time passed quickly, and it seemed no time at all before Kathy K. arrived to pick Darnell up for the next leg of her journey (sorry, not in the photo).

                     From left to right: Me, Darnell, Kath, Anne, Tony, and my DH took the photo.

I was so pleased and excited to be able to meet Darnell who is known and loved by so many in Blogland, and she was so warm and friendly and just as much fun as I thought she would be, and it is a couple of days that I will always remember, and I wish her well with the rest of the trip and a safe journey home.  I'm sure she will be pleased to sleep in her own bed again by then and will probably need a holiday to get over the holiday! 

Pat  x


Kathyk said...

Lovely pix yourself, Pat, nice to meet you too and thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm now your latest follower!


Kath said...

It was lovely to meet everyone at the lunch and I had a fabulous time. Thank you to you and Tony for helping with my travel arrangements.
Kath x

Stamps and Paper said...

It was nice meeting Darnell and yourself and Kath..I am sure Darnell will go home with some great memories she's such a delightful lady


MaryH said...

Thanks for sharing your visit with Our Darnell. And what perfect companions to visit the mysterious Stonehenge, (which I was fortunate to see in 1991, & would love to see again someday!). I know Darnell had a lovely time with all of you (easy to see that in the picture). Also very happy to learn that so many of our UK friends got to meet this sweet lady. That's such fun to meet our blog friends, and find they are just as wonderful IRL as we think they are. Lovely to see so many of you, and realize - I "know" these folks! Hugs & TFS

Unknown said...

It was wonderful meeting up with you on Thursday, Darnell is an amazing and very generous lady. It's lovely hearing about her trip around the UK to meet her blogging friends.

Loll said...

Looks like you had a fun time meeting up with Darnell and other crafters (and patient hubbies!). :) xx

My Card Attic: Hazel said...

Yes, it was a lovely five hours that seemed to pass in five minutes! We really did enjoy meeting you all and was sorry when it was time to leave! I hope you have had a good weekend! Hazel xx
My Card Attic

Liz said...

Looks like you had as much fun with Darnell as we did, when she stopped on the next part of her UK tour. It's been lovely seeing all the photos of other bloggers we follow too and realising some of them live fairly close. It turned out Kathy only lives two or three miles away from me. What a small world!

Paper Creations by Shirley said...

Hi Pat, How wonderful you met Darnell! She has such a great sense of humor, she must be fun 'in real life' as she is at her blog. How lovely that other crafters were also together. Funny as I was just reading on Darnell's blog about some of her adventures, I'll go back to read the other's I missed. I've been away. Take good care, Shirleyxx

Barb said...

Lovely photos of a very happy time Pat. Glad you all had such a lovely time together. Barbxx